Creating a Positive Customer Experience – Understand Your Customers (Part 3 in a Series)

Previously in this series, I highlighted three core drivers of successful customer initiatives aimed at improving the overall quality of your customers’ experience:  engage your employees; understand your customers (all of them); and blend “high touch” experiences with technology that give customers on-demand/just-in-time information and service support.

Understanding the customer experience and creating consistent positive interactions that bring your customers back – again and again – are critical to success.  Three questions to ask are:

1.  Why do customers come to us rather than competitors?  Typically, customers are driven by:  product quality; cost; brand recognition; and accessibility.  Positive and successful experiences with customers are built on how you market, sell and support each one of these.

2.  Why do customers come back?  Customers will come back primarily because the product/service you provide exceeds expectations; customer support is exceptional and “hassle free”; product and customer support is continuously improved.

3.  Why do customers stay?  Selling additional products/services to repeat customers, particularly in a competitive industry, can be the biggest driver of revenue and profitability.  Customers will stay if product quality and cost remain competitive; service and support is not only exceptional, but also outpaces competitors your customers are likely to have tried ; and incentives for customer loyalty are key features of what you provide.

How you collect this information, what you do with it, and who you share it with (specifically your front-line employees) can be the deciding factors in the success, or failure, of customer experience initiatives.  Are you focusing on the right things with the right people?

Until next time:  let’s connect, collaborate and create together.

The Connector – Ryan


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