FaceBook and LinkedIn: Two Services With Two Different Purposes…Or Not?

Social networking is like, well, personal networking. Chances are, you’re going to run into someone or a few people you already know.

The question is: with Facebook launching a job search/connection application, what does this mean for LinkedIn and its vast network of professionals?

I, like many professionals strictly utilize LinkedIn as a professional networking tool and a resource for keeping up to date on topics that are most relevant to business, industry, and my profession. FaceBook, on the other hand, is well….personal. Literally, I reserve Facebook for interaction, in a humorous and sometimes serious, thought provoking manner, but it’s limited to people who are truly friends outside the professional arena. Some are, in fact, “FaceBook friends” – people I have been connected to through other friends or acquaintances whom I haven’t seen for many years but have re-connected with through the wonder of social media.

As our social networks continue to converge and overlap, I guess there’s one thing to do. Watch, listen and see where this one goes.

Until next time: connect, collaborate, and create

The Connector – Ryan


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