The Gift of Time: Spend Less Of It On Social Media “Noise”

A colleague recently asked me what I’d like for Christmas.  My response?  Give me a minute…

Time, in fact, is the perfect gift:  less of it.  No, I don’t want to turn back time or even have too much time on my hands.  I’d simply like to spend my time a little more efficiently and, honestly, the path to finding more valuable “me time” usually starts with finding ways to spend less time doing other things.

Recently, I wrote two articles about finding time to be inspired, energized and armed with the resources you need to succeed:

My weekly rituals usually start on Sunday afternoon with dedicated time for reading:  catching up on industry and professional news.

Social media (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and multiple other on-line sources and applications) has made it easy to filter what I read, when I read it and ultimately, what I do with that information.

The downside?  Most of us have likely found ourselves spending more and more time combing through the notifications, updates, and push information that we receive via multiple Social Media sources.  It has, in fact, started to chip away at my “me time.”

This week, I started my search for a way to re-claim some of that time from social media “noise.”  One of the best social media time management resources I came across:

Another, more technical and tactical, resource I discovered was:

Time is precious – make the most of it!

Until next time:  connect, collaborate and create!


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Make An Appointment With The One Person Who Doesn’t Get Enough of Your Time – You!

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We’re always connected:  Iphones, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and even those dreaded land lines! Our calendars are filled with back to back meetings, project updates, client calls, team building, training, birthday celebrations.


Those occasional “drive by” conversations can also throw our day off track, but the value of relationship building can never be underestimated when a spontaneous conversation yields something productive!

So, how do you do it all? Competing priorities, both at work and home, often make it difficult to take time for yourself, especially while at work. I learned years ago that, as a leader, I could not do everything and everything could not be a priority. In fact, making time for myself would be one key to success as I continued to grow as a leader and client consultant.

A while back, my mentor suggested that I manage my “me time” just as I would any other business transaction: schedule regular appointments each week. Define your goals for that time: what you will do, what you want to accomplish, and what your next steps will be.

Here’s how I use my personal appointment time:

1. Schedule two standing appointments each week.  My Monday morning appointment is non-negotiable even if it means I have to move it from 8am to 6am. It’s my “quiet” time to fully review the previous week, prepare for my current week and look out several weeks (and months) to see what’s coming and how I need to be preparing for it now. I also schedule a “rolling” hour each week where I can use “quiet” time to catch up on industry and professional news, schedule my writing and publishing deadlines, make calls to colleagues to “pick their ear” on a topic, or participate in a web-conference or event.

2. Block out time – literally create an appointment – in your calendar and label it “busy.” I have a very strong “open door” policy, but these appointments are times when I literally close the door or find a place where I cannot be disturbed. And when the phone rings….don’t answer it. When that text message bings….don’t pick it up. If it’s that important, they’ll leave a message.

3. Encourage your team or others you work with to do the same. It may seem strange to a few people, but once they get into the habit, the value becomes very clear. You’re better organized, more creative, more engaged and, yes, more energized about what you do.

One more thing: I make time each week to connect, collaborate and create with all of you!

Until next time…


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