Word On The Street

Here’s what clients, former employers and business partners have said about working with Ryan Siskow:


  • “I’ve worked with Ryan Siskow in a variety of professional services situations. He is excellent analytically, organizationally and interpersonally. He can get things done while building (rather than detracting from) productive relationships with busy, task-oriented professionals. I recommend him highly.”
    • Dr. Frank Cespedes (Senior Lecturer, Harvard Business School)


  • “Ryan is such a dynamic presenter, he puts complex issues around workplace culture and generational differences into a conversation that draws the audience in. He keeps it fun and relevant and the attendees at Workplace Revolution 2016 adored him. Would highly recommend him to any company or group looking for someone to help break down old ideas and stigmas about the workplace.”
    • Mark Nolte (President, Iowa City Area Development Group)


  • “Ryan Siskow is an excellent consultant who has worked very effectively with one of our most important clients. He has proved himself to them and given them great value in all that he has done. He is also creative, thoughtful and easy to work with. I am lucky to have him working with us.”
    • David Couper (CEO, David Couper Consulting)


  • “Ryan is energetic, enthusiastic and genuinely comes from the heart when he is with you…in a meeting or in front of his audience as a keynote and/or training presentation. I was fortunate enough to have Ryan come to our very first Leadership Summit at Grinnell Mutual and speak to the issue Generational differences/similarities and he did a great job for us. It turned out to be a wonderful event and certainly one reason was because Ryan was with us.”
    • Al Hodgeman (Learning Leader, Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance Company)


  • “Ryan brings a fabulous mix of deep subject matter expertise in change management, instructional design and human resources, that is powered by his broad-based strategic thinking and creative problem-solving skills. He builds effective and sustainable business relationships quickly, and does so with C-Level executives, other service providers, and people at all levels and in all roles. His efforts contributed directly to our realizing increased sales and greater profitability per engagement.”
    • Dr. Kathy Iversen (Managing Director, Alvarez and Marsal)


  • “Over the past 15 years, we have found multiple opportunities to work together as strategic business partners, including leadership related project work at Arthur Andersen, The Coca-Cola Company and Taco Bell. Ryan has tremendous passion around the creative aspect of our work and is gifted at creating innovative solutions that make learning meaningful, fun and memorable for his learners. Along with his brilliant creativity, Ryan is one of the most technically competent professionals that I have ever worked with. He has a demonstrated executive leadership track record and yet he is willing (and able) to “roll up his sleeves” and get things done. As far as learning and development professionals go, Ryan is certainly among the best.”
    • Jennifer Hale (SVP, Assurant Specialty Property)


  • “Ryan is a terrific OD partner. Whether it’s organizational design work, coaching, training development or facilitation, Ryan is professional, experienced and very skilled. He is an amazing facilitator with great energy and knows how to command a class. I truly enjoyed partnering with him.”
    • Marlene Baez (Director of Human Resources, CBS Corporation)


  • “Ryan is a terrific addition to any organization. I supported Ryan in the field as well as on several projects.  What I appreciate most about Ryan is his tremendous creativity and desire to succeed, as well as his sense of humor.  Ryan definitely thinks outside the box and has the ability to see the “big picture” while influencing others to do the same.  I very much enjoyed working with Ryan.”
    • Lisa Christian (Franchise Operations Consultant, Taco Bell)


  • “Ryan is an extraordinarily talented professional who recently completed a social media and branding project for my law office. He was very patient and thoughtful during the process, and I am very pleased with the finished product. I highly recommend Ryan!”
    • Greg Greiner (President, Greiner Law)


  • “Ryan contributes great ideas and facilitates team success. I recommend his work!”
    • Rian Gorey (Managing Director, DTI, LLC.)


  • “Ryan was able to create trusting relationships in a politically charged climate and always came to issues with new solutions and alternative perspectives. When facilitating groups, Ryan easily throught on his feet and had the flexibility to change plans based on the feedback in the room. I would be happy to have the opportunity to partner with Ryan in the future!”
    • Elaine Mason (VP – Organization and Workforce Capability, American Express)


  • “Ryan’s ‘outside the box’ thinking was imaginative and his enthusiasm for change and development was contagious.”
    • Lynn Hounsley (President, Integrity HR, Inc.)


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